Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Magnificent Frigatebird - Male

There are 2 types of Frigatebirds found in the Galapagos: The Magnificent and the Great. This picture shows the Male Magnificent Frigatebird. Male frigatebirds are black with a patch of red skin at the throat that is the gular sac. Frigatebirds are pirates who harass birds, especially boobies until the victim is so upset that it disgorges its catch. The frigatebird then drops with amazing speed and plucks the catch out of the water, or even catches it before it hits the water! Not only do frigatebirds harass other species, but other frigatebirds as well. The disgorged catch may pass through several beaks before it is finally swallowed. In addition to stealing food from boobies and from one another, they steal nesting materials as well.


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